1. Facebook ads have air orders ?

Facebook ads are just a marketing channel in promoting your products or services to potential customers. So it only has the effect of marketing and reaching out to the best quality customers to be able to close high orders. And the order is affected by many factors: Product, price, brand, customer care, warranty service, forever, geographical location

2. How much money to run ads?

Each category and product will have different budgets. Problem after analyzing the evaluation:

+ Your target

+ Your industry

+ Competitor

+ Location to approach

In order to be able to provide effective and optimal strategies (brands, and sales).

3. Is there any cheap advertising?

Identify ads (spend money) think of a goal. (advertising for what). For example, if the sales person approaches the wrong object, it may be cheap, but in fact, it can't handle the order because you calculate the profit or not?

So the key is the whole line from advertising> the single key to generate profits or spread algae, the information needs to spread to customers. Don't be cheap, think about the optimal cost!

4. I feel ineffective?

As mentioned above, the impact on the order depends on both the transmission line. You should have a tracking board to know which business, or store ... is having problems, to fix that?

Facebook ads are specified by numbers, from which you know the ads are effective? Then consider the other links in the transmission line. Facebook ads have no wrong or right but the ultimate goal is to generate profits or accomplish certain goals that have been set before.

For example: Advertising is very good, conversions from potential customers to very small actual orders, you need to review: product cost, expertise of single key employees, specific products. 

5. How to advertise effectively?

+ Do these things well:

+ Choose the right product

+ Approaching the right customers to buy products (advertising stage)

+ Create customers' trust from fanpage

Many of you are only interested in advertising articles but don't know your customers are much smarter. They need to see the prestige of fanpage: how long has it been, how many likes, view reviews, read comments on posts, see some related posts in your page?

Example: A few notes from real battle experience:

**Functional products, or eating: If your product is new, not reputable in the market, on the market is rampant products with the same effect. At least you need to have these shows displayed to increase your credibility

License, origin, video or live production line. Album of customer feedback, good evaluation of products (regularly update), add more 5-star reviews (practically as possible) Regularly post articles to maintain the page (no customers will buy products of you post from 2017.2016)

+ Professional staff each good department (strategy, advertising, telesales ...)

**You sell a product that is difficult to sell, but only post the products on the page without sharing articles related to hopper products.

For example: If you sell foreign wine at a high price, please collect a funnel with the following article: 5 most meaningful gifts for parents on the occasion of Tet, There are 5 items in this house that your family will have 1 year of health and success ...

6. Should I buy like on my fanpage?

Of course not, if you don't meet the right person who sells the right page, then you can wrong the object of the page leading to Facebook reaching the wrong audience when you want to reach those who like the page, may be violating promo policy. fox.

7. What should the renter advertise facebook rights on the page

To answer this question there are many angles:

If you run ads with a yearly advertising account in your Business Facebook, you can add them as the right to run Advertising on Facebook Fanpage and on your advertising account.

If the person running the ad for you is a close person, you can give them the Admin Manager of the enterprise management to easily handle arising problems: such as appeals, billing into math, 3rd application integration like chat bot, etc. when you have to be someone who is knowledgeable about Facebook or Facebook Advertising.

8. What is the budget paid for Facebook and management costs?

The budget to pay for Facebook advertising is the amount of people hired (temporarily called the owner) to pay Facebook for their Fanpage to be advertised. This budget is not limited to plans and potentials that are usually agreed upon when planning Facebook Ads.

Advertising cost is the cost of paying people to hire Facebook ads as agency or freelancer. It is their wages for setup, budget optimization, conversion optimization and reporting for you. This cost usually accounts for 10-20% of the total Advertising budget.

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