The advantages

The solution is optimized in detail for each campaign and each profession different with many professional interfaces.
Save the cost
Email Marketing saves a lot of costs compared to traditional advertising methods and still achieves the highest efficiency.
Landing page support helps you to collect customer information proactively, Bulk contacts import tools with just one click.
Simple effective
We integrate all the best features in the market into our solution, helping email always reach customers.
We also have very diverse ecosystems like chat30s, call centers, sms brand name, online30s. All are managed centrally.

Email Marketing Solution

Optimized design for campaigns aimed at promoting products, taking care of customers, collecting service information.

Email Marketing is a solution that helps businesses reach customers quickly and conveniently via Email. The solution saves a lot of deployment time, marketing costs and brings in a lot of potential customers.

Email Marketing Service price list

Choose the right service pack for your business and organization in need.
Only send mail from a single email account.
Please read the terms of using Email Marketing service here.
The above price does not include 10% VAT

The trades need our solution.

Advertising, marketing
Real estate
Banking and Finance
Tourist Resort
Study Abroad / Postgraduate

Salient Features

The solution is optimized in detail for each campaign and each profession different with many professional interfaces.
Create new customer groups
1. Categorize customer groups to make it easy to manage for each campaign that suits each different customer group.
Create and manage customers
Add, classify and manage customers quickly and scientifically.
Create email content before sending
Identify and remove spam keywords, help emails not being identified by spam filters, improve the rate of sending mail to the inbox.
Check valid email before sending
Warning not to send invalid emails to avoid suspected spam, blacklist of the international anti-spam organization.
Create a campaign
With a clear visual interface you can easily create a campaign to schedule a time to send campaigns or send it immediately.
View statistics of sent email campaigns
Accurate statistics and detailed results after each campaign thanks to Visual statistical tools help businesses easily evaluate, compare, analyze and adjust the appropriate strategy.
Many rich templates
Many templates are available, easily change to suit each field and different customers.
Multiple-choice and surveys
Easy to perform online surveys to given effective email marketing campaigns.


Can I upgrade to a higher email marketing package?
If the number of emails you need to send is more than the service you are using, you can upgrade the service package at any time. You will compensate more if the upgrade service cost is higher than the remaining amount.
How can I use email marketing when sending to reduce spam?
You should use domain name has high reliability that has not been blacklist yet, Using outgoing emails with unique names will be more effective, avoid sending the wrong object and the most important factor is the content do not use too many images, Image is too big, large capacity. Limit sent mail to only one large image, with no or very little text (Because filters cannot see the image, it will be listed as spam mail).
What do I need to use email marketing?
1. You only need one domain name and the amount of data email of your customers.
Can I use different emails to send?
If you want to use another email to send, you must register 1 more service pack to be eligible.
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