A good keyword is:

• It is best from 2 to 3 words long

• Specifically (keywords that are too broad or general will not reach users as effectively as highly targeted keywords)

• Is directly related to the text in your ad

• Directly related to the page to which your ad will link to (specified by the destination URL)

Which keyword should I choose?

- First, look at the website content and write down every word, word combination or phrase describing each category of the business. This is the starting point for creating keyword lists.

- Include all brands and product names as well as plurals, synonyms and other pronunciations for each word or phrase. Capital letters are not important Take out very general, inappropriate or obscure keywords.

- Then, group your keywords into related topics and create new ad groups for each topic. Put keywords in these new ad groups. For example, if your campaign is for digital cameras, you can group mini digital cameras in one ad group and digital SLR cameras into another.

- Try using negative keywords. Negative keywords prevent ads from showing when the word or phrase you specify is part of a search term. For example, if you specify a negative match-fix, your ad won't show for search terms like fixing a digital camera.

How does keywords affect how much I pay?

If the keyword is well selected and you follow the tips above, your ad may show in a higher position or have lower costs.

AdWords bids work on the auction-style system, with advertiser bids for keywords that trigger their ads to appear. Because many advertisers often bid on the same keywords, Google must determine which ads will show and display on the page. To do so, the system will consider both the CPC bid and the quality of the keyword:

Cost-per-click bid (Maximum CPC) is the amount you're willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad

Quality score related to your ads and keywords is appropriate for searches on Google, which is determined by a number of factors, including CTR

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